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Physical Access Control Solutions for Campuses

Turnstile gates for campus entrance control are used in outdoor, semi-outdoor or indoor environment. The requirements for waterproof and dustproof are very high. Outdoor swing gate turnstiles can be used, and widening passageway can be shared by pedestrians, bicycles and electric vehicles at the same time. Recognition methods such as face recognition, QR code scanning, card scanning, etc. can be adopted. The turnstile can accurately identify the identity of pedestrian. The authorized school personnel can access freely, but visitors should register to access, which will effectively prevent salespersons, intruders, and assailants from sneaking into campus.

The outdoor swing gate turnstile is specially developed for outdoors by QINY, which can meet the needs of complicated outdoor environments.

Long life: more than 5 million times of trouble-free operation.

IP65The inside and outside of the machine have been designed to be waterproof and dustproof, and it can be used outdoors without any problems.

Anti-violent ability: Elastic gate design; unique mechanism structure design; the mechanism can withstand more than 5 times impact force than that of ordinary mechanism so that the swing gate can withstand frequent accidental impact without damaging the mechanism.

Shared by pedestrian & vehicles: The passageway width can be customized to be 1m~2m so that pedestrian, bicycles, motorcycles, wheelchairs, baby carriage and strollers, etc. can pass the turnstile.

Resistance to severe cold, high temperature, and condensation: The intelligent temperature control design is adopted, and thermostat is installed to set the upper and lower limits of the temperature. When the temperature inside the cabinet is lower than the lower limit or higher than the upper limit, the thermostat will automatically heat or cool to make temperature inside the cabinet keep within the limited range, without forming condensation, to protect the internal electronic components. The applicable temperature: -15 ℃ ~ 60 ℃.

Resistance to sunshine: The infrared sensor structure adopts the matrix distribution and the design of avoiding direct sunlight to reduce the interference of sunlight on infrared sensor, and avoid false alarms caused by the misjudgment of infrared sensor.

Strong compatibility: The turnstile system can be seamlessly connected with the access control system, time attendance system, visitor system, etc., to achieve 'instrumented' linkage management, which is convenient for collecting and analyzing access data and doing plan management.