X-Ray Baggage Scanner

  • HQ6040C X-ray Baggage Scanner
  • HQ6040C X-ray Baggage Scanner
  • HQ6040C X-ray Baggage Scanner
  • HQ6040C X-ray Baggage Scanner
HQ6040C X-ray Baggage ScannerHQ6040C X-ray Baggage ScannerHQ6040C X-ray Baggage ScannerHQ6040C X-ray Baggage Scanner

HQ6040C X-ray Baggage Scanner

  • Name: X-ray Baggage Scanner
  • Mode: HQ6040C
  • Tunnel Size(cm): 60W*40H
  • Energy type: Dual energy
  • Product description: QINY are the best company of X-Ray Baggage Inspection System and X-ray Baggage Scanner in all over China. X-ray baggage scanner Machine make by the advance technology for security purposes.

HQ6040C is an ideal solution for the inspection of handbags and small baggage within the limited space & unequipped inspection area. This lightweight system can be easily related without using of special equipment.

It fits through doorways and elevators for fast relocation and installation.


l Compact and light-weight design

l Widely use sable for small parcels.

l Easy to operate and user friendly interface

l With digital signal and processor

l Continuous working 10000 hours above

l Energy saving design

l High quality images


Tunnel Size(cm):

60W*40H cm

Conveyor Speed (m/s):

0.22 m/s

Conveyor Max Load (kgs):


X-ray Volume:

< 1.5µGNy



X-ray Penetration:

10mm-thick steel plates

Effect on Film:

safe for ISO1600 film

X-ray volume for Single Inspection:


Leakage Volume:

< 0.09µGy/h

Unit Size (mm)

Product size depends on goods

X-ray Generator

X-ray Direction:

from the bottom

Tube Current:

0.4~1.2mA (adjustable)

Tube Voltage:

100 ~ 140kV (adjustable)

Beam Divergence Angle:


Generator Cool:

Seal oil cooling / 100%

Image Processing System

X-ray Generator:

L-shaped array detector, 24bit


High resolution LCD display

Image Identification:

Variable multi-energy, color inversion (black and white inversion), super clear image enhancement, image penetration enhancement, item aided recognition

Image Processing:

24-bit real-time processing

Image Display:

Black and white, false color

Image Storage

Real-time image storage (>10000 images)

Operation System:


Operation Environment

Operating Temperature

0°C ~45°C /20%~95% (non-condensable gas)

Storage temperature:

-20°C ~60°C /20%~95% (non-condensable gas)


220VAC (±10%) 50±3Hz

Power loss

1.0KW (max)


< 55dB (A)

Operator station

3-strand cable between operator station and host

Software UI