UVIS and ALPR Systems

  • UVIS and ALPR Systems
  • UVIS and ALPR Systems
  • UVIS and ALPR Systems
  • UVIS and ALPR Systems
UVIS and ALPR SystemsUVIS and ALPR SystemsUVIS and ALPR SystemsUVIS and ALPR Systems

UVIS and ALPR Systems

  • Name: Permanent Under Vehicle Surveillance System
  • Mode: HQ-UVIS2011
  • Product description: Under Vehicle Inspection System, Under Vehicle Surveillance System, UVIS, ALPR

For places where require high level security, such as military areas, government building and Custom, HQ-UVIS2011 is an ideal for checking understanding of vehicles. When the vehicle passes, the system can quickly generate a high definition image of vehicle undercarriage, which will be recorded in the computer. It helps operator accurately identify forbidden objects attached to the underside of vehicles.


l Advanced linear CCD scanning technology

l High resolution complete color image of under the vehicle

l Weather proof scanning unit (IP68 the highest level)

l Anti-fog function

l Multilingual Graphical User Interface(GUI)

l Option: Automated License Plate Reader(ALPR)

CCD Scanning

Maximum Scanning Rate:


Vehicle Speed:

1-60 km/h, recommend < 30 km/h

View Angle:

≥ 170 degrees

Scanner Data Cable:

10 meters (length customizable)



Lighting Components:

4 single sealed LED surface light sources, life span 10000h

Load-bearing Weight:


Waterproof Grade:

IP68 (the highest level)

Weight of Scanning Device:


Size of Scanning Device:


Imaging System


Linear array CCD scan technology and dynamic imaging of BW/color

Scanning Resolution:

≥ 2048 pixels CCD / ≥ 4096 pixels CCD

Imaging Speed:

< 1second

Image Display Mode:

Large-format horizontal display

Image Storage Format:

Standard BMP or JPEG

System Interface Language:

can be customized

Image Data Transmission:

network RJ45

Scene Image Display:

≥ 1 channel

Image Search:

Retrieve the image by date, time, license plate number, and images

Image Resolution:

12000 × 6000

Automatic Scan:

Display the image in 1s after the vehicle passes at a speed of 1-65km/h

Automatic Image Storage

Save no less than 10,000 pictures and delete the expired pictures automatically

Imaging Function:

Adjust saturation, contrast, balance and sharpening, zoom in and out (1-16), and local enlargement

Scanned Image


Under vehicle image display area: real-time display of vehicles at the detected image, historical images, and bottom of the vehicle underbody after treatment images.


Real-time video display area: Real-time display the monitoring video, capturing vehicle plate video, and then they were saved by digital video surveillance DVR. (Customized is based on the actual usage scenarios.)


License plate number information display area: Displaying the detected vehicle license plate capturing photos with automatic identification of the results. click [Modify] button can modify the number of recognition errors.


Vehicle information list: Checking vehicle information in all day, including license plate number, the checking time, vehicle surveillance results.


Real-time log information list: real-time display of the region need to run the process produces some log information to facilitate the use of personnel or maintenance personnel system view real-time operation of the system state.


Image manipulation functional areas: the image to zoom; brighten, darken; edge enhancement, super-enhanced, contrast enhancement, magnifying glass, real size, most suitable, such as open and save image.


Functional operating areas: Setting attributes of license plate recognition, associated parameters of line CCD camera, DVR video attributes, video playback and registry equipment, as well as the system language, real-time curve, historical data query functions.

Operating Environment

Operating Temperature

-25 ° C ~ 60 ° C

Storage temperature:

-40 ° C ~ 75 ° C

Power supply

AC110-240V 50~60Hz ±3Hz

Computer and Others


One 22-inch true color LCD monitor


A console which can lock the display and keyboard


Intel Core Quad-Core Processor


DDR3, greater than 4GB

Hard Disk

500G High Speed Hard Disk

Graphics Card

DDR3, 192BIT Independent Graphics Card


Windows XP/ Windows 7